Amber Cowan

Dec_Cowan B .jpg

Amber Cowan’s work asks universal questions about rebirth, knowledge, desire and the transformative powers of labor and imagination. Her pieces are made by re-working pressed glassware produced by some of the best known, but now-defunct, American glass factories.  Simultaneously patriotic & subversive, Cowan’s objects explore the texture of material seduction and recount the history of US glass manufacturing; tracinging its rise, glory and demise and its influence on society.  Using repetition and viral accrual of similar forms, her work is viscerally sensual, teetering between beautiful and sinister.  

Cowan received her MFA from Temple University’s Tyler School of Art.  Her work has been exhibited in museums across the United States, Europe and China, including solo shows at San Francisco’s Museum of Arts and Craft (2014) and at the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, MA (2017).  Her pieces are included in the collection of the Corning Museum of Glass (2014 Rakow Commission recipient), Rhode Island School of Design Museum in Providence, RI, and are promised gifts to the Speed Art Museum in Louisville, KY and the de Young Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, CA.