Jeannet Iskandar

Jeannet Iskandar says her work is inspired by the rhythm and repetition in two very different intellectual constructs – the mathematical constant Π (Pi) and Maurice Ravel’s composition Bolero.  Her sculptures are round (spheres, ovoids and capsules) and translucent with occasional muted color elements, which give their surfaces the appearance of a hi-tech winter camouflage.  Creating the illusion of breathing and expanding, their milky, light-emanating centers seem to push forth parts that appear to be simultaneously opening and closing.

Iskandar received her degree from the Danish Design School in Bornholm, Denmark and then built her own advanced studies program by apprenticing and taking classes with many other artists whose practice incorporates glass, such as Jack Wax, Tobias Mohl, Trine Drivsholm, Steffen Dam, Micha Karlslund, Julius Weiland. Her work has been exhibited in Europe, the United States and Asia and is included in the collections of the Chazen Museum, Madison, WI; Shanghai Museum of Glass, Shanghai, China and Glass Museum Ebeltoft in Denmark.