Laura Kramer

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Artist and designer Laura Kramer holds BFA and MFA degrees from the Rhode Island School of Design and Ohio State University as well as an MA in Anthropologie & Material Culture from Columbia University, where she also studied archealogy.  She has worked on excavations in the Dutch Antilles, cast bronze at Paolo Solari’s  Arcosanti, has been an artist-in-residence at Kitengala Glass in Kenya, and worked with Danish glassblower Tobias Mohl.  

Her objects bring together art and nature.  Like barnacles on a boat hull or paper wasp nests they mimic and question the hybridity of made and natural materials.  They seem to defy accepted systems of classification contained in a cabinet of curiosity and explore the liminal.

Kramer’s pieces and installations have been featured in Elle Décor, New York Times Magazine’s Home Issue, InStyle, Architectural Digest as well as American Craft Magazine.  

Laura Kramer:   CV