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Heller Gallery is delighted to introduce our representation of Pamela Sabroso & Alison Siegel. 

The duo’s exuberant, vessel-based forms take on the shape and surface structure of plants, fruits and vegetables, which they use to make their molds.  While their pieces imprint as colorful, fresh and unconventional, and their sophisticated, labor-intensive process and skill level date-stamps their work, the two artists also channel a more essential creative freedom that recalls the early American Studio Glass practitioners’ exploration of glassblowing in the tumultuous Age of Aquarius.  

Siegel and Sabroso started collaborating in 2014, and found that working together allowed more playfulness and risk-taking into their artistic practices.  Their collaborations are much less a straight line between idea and outcome, and more of a meandering path where ideas grow into forms through drawings, discussions and the physical action of making together.  They encourage each other to make successful pieces even if they are not what was initially intended.

Pamela Sabroso holds a 2007 BFA in Crafts and Material Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University.  Alison Siegel received her BA in English and Glass in 2009 at Alfred University.  The two met, live and work in Brooklyn, NY.



Stranger Together:   PRESS RELEASE